When the Apes leave the Rock, so will the British

It would be unfair not to include some photos of the famous rock apes, actually they are not apes but a breed of tail-less monkeys.

The rock apes are allowed to roam freely, which they normally do around the upper rock, however, it is not uncommon to see them roaming around the upper town area, and even though they are quite harmless, one must always bear in mind that they are wild animals and can get quite aggressive if they feel they are being threatened.

Since the early 1900's and until recent years, the welfare of the Barbary apes was done by the British army, the British army also took care of feeding the apes, and when an ape needed surgery or other form of medical attention, they were admited into the Royal Naval Hospital. Presently the welfare of the Rock Apes is the responsibility of the Gibraltar Government.

The famous saying, 'when the apes leave the Rock, so will the British', was taken very seriously during the last world war by the then British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill who sent the following message to the Colonial Secretary:

'The establishment of the apes should be 24. Action should be taken to bring them up to this
number at once and maintain it thereafter.'


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In 1967 when the number of Rock Apes started once again to dwindle, the Saville Garner, permanent under secretary at the Commonwealth Office, wrote, in verse, to the governor, General Sir Gerald Lathbury:

We're a little bit perturbed about the apes,
After studying their sizes and their shapes.

As we see it, at first glance
There seems at least some chance
Of lesbianism, or sodomy, or rapes.

For nine girls of Middle Hill may well decide
That they can't by five mere males be satisfied.

While the Queen's Gate lads, one fears,
May become a bunch of queers
If by sex imbalance nature is denied.

So can you plan migration,
Or get up
A party for the apes who feel
Het up,
For the welfare state for apes has been decreed,
Where each of them is mated (and de-flead).

Then let Franco rage in vain,
Your immunity from Spain
Is by simian eugenics

To which General Sir Gerald Lathbury replied:

So long as we have Joe
(born at Queen's Gate
in Fifty Eight)
No female ape need pine
Or lesbianate.

And of course there's Harold too,
And Hercules of Middle Hill,
Though comparatively new
He knows a thing or two.